Super League launches Tackle the Tough Stuff campaign

7 Jun 2021

Following a successful launch in 2019 Betfred Super League’s mental and physical health campaign, Tackle the Tough Stuff, returns in 2021, with presence at matches as well as content highlighting mental and physical wellbeing.

The campaign kicks-off with the Rainbow Laces round this week (Round 9), which will feature messaging and prominence at games and across Super League digital channels.

Then over the following couple of weeks several high-profile current and former players will share their deeply personal stories – including sexuality, dealing with depression and anxiety, and going through the grief of losing a loved one to testicular cancer.

The past 15 months have been incredibly difficult for everyone, leaving many feeling anxious, isolated, or bereaved. An additional impact of COVID-19 is that many have neglected their physical health, with statistics showing a worrying drop in those attending their local GP after noticing a change in their body. 

As a sport we have an opportunity to change lives by opening the dialogue surrounding difficult issues, dismantle stigmas, and use our collective voice to encourage our community to reach out, to speak up, and get checked out.

Ken Davy, Super League interim chairman said: “Mental and physical wellbeing is a topic which is not only important to Super League, it’s clubs and it’s players, but also the wider communities in which our clubs are situated.

“We hope that by sharing the stories of people within the sport, we can help to break down any stigmas in society that may be preventing people from asking for help they might need.”

Keith Senior, Rugby League Cares community & welfare manager said: “Rugby League Cares are proud to continue our partnership with Super League and the Tackle the Tough Stuff campaign.

“After the difficulties endured by many over the past year, right now it’s more important than ever to encourage our communities to open up, talk to a friend, and seek help.

“With this campaign we hope to encourage more of the Rugby League family to attend the programmes available to them, such as Offload, or Ahead of the Game.”

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